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Notable Failures In Buffalo History
The funny, offbeat, and true tales of 8 unjustly-forgotten Buffalo failures, including Buffalo's short-lived status as the first Jewish homeland, Buffalo's first failure-haunted foray into pro football, and the Buffalonian who may or may not have discovered the North Pole. Features many pen & ink illustrations. 83 pages, perfect bound.

Click here to see an excerpt that was published in Broken Pencil Magazine!

75 Dead Directors
An art book of pen & ink portraits of 75 of my favorite deceased movie directors through history. Makes a great gift for any film- or death-buffs in your life. Click the thumbnails below to see some images from the inside.
84 pages, perfect bound

Day Of The Dicks
An explicitly-illustrated, adults-only story about a phallus-based apocalypse. The controversial, life-changing runaway success that must be seen to be believed. Gift-wrapping available.
28 pages, stapled

How To Explore The North Pole
Instructional guide and activity book for exploring regions to the extreme north of the Arctic Circle. Includes generous-illustrated informational sections on topics ranging from parka fashion to naming your illegitimate Inuit children. Recommended for the serious explorer and dilettante alike.
24 pages, perfect bound
Alfred Hitchcock "Drink Coffee and Watch Movies" mug
Finally a chance to live out your dream of sipping coffee directly from the skull cavity of a famous movie director. This is a high-quality 11oz ceramic mug with my drawing ofAlfred Hitchcock from my book 75 Dead Directors, with a quote on the reverse side that I made up, but which no one can definitively prove he didn't ever say, either.

MUG AND BOOK package deal!
A Hitchcock mug and a copy of 75 Dead Directors together for only $15 ($5.98 savings)

$7.99 (plus shipping)
An elegant 11oz ceramic mug with the word "BUTTS" loudly & proudly emblazoned on it in a wraparound design. A one-of-a-kind item for the sophisticated butt fan.