I write articles & jokes & stuff sometimes. Here are a few of them.
Salon.com: "Flying high at the National Buffalo Wing Festival", a sojourn amongst the troubled freaks of a disgusting food festival
Bright Lights Film Journal: "Love Among the Insects: The Pioneering Animation of Ladislaw Starewicz, One Hundred Years Later"
Paste Magazine: "Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Ty SegallRock Inaugural Bruise Cruise", about a very strange idea for a boatride
McSweeneys.net: "A Hot Air Balloon Captain Addresses His Crew On The Eve Of A Very Important Hot Air Balloon Race"
Broken Pencil Magazine: "The Electrocution of Jumbo II", an excerpt from Notable Failures In Buffalo History
Thought Catalog: "Forget the Chauffeur, Get To The Quipping: Defending Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me"
McSweeneys.net: "My Original Vision For This Film Was Much Different Than How It Turned Out", about my spectacular failure as a film producer
Here is audio of a live reading I did at the Road Less Traveled Theater one Halloween, called "The Horrifying Occult Secrets Of American Politics"
I write reviews and blog about film for PopMatters. Click here to see my recent pieces and a bad picture of me.
Artvoice: Predictions for the year 2012
Salon.com: "Anti-Islam film director's real-life 'Boogie Nights' story", about the film "Panorama Blue" by Alan Roberts, who went on to direct "The Innocence of Muslims"
Artvoice: "The Ballad Of Sam Patch: Some Things Can Be Done As Well As Others", about the auspicious rise and ignominious fall of America's first professional daredevil
Slate.com: "The Vivid Gorgeousness of Communist-Era Polish Circus Posters"